General Terms and Conditions of AHRENS ENTERPRISE
1.) Scope of Application

For all mutual claims resulting from and in connection with the conclusion of a contract between customers and AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. / Ahrens Enterprise, the general terms and conditions in the version current at the time of the contract conclusions shall always apply.
2.) Subject of the Contract
Subsequent to offer acceptance, AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. shall deliver the goods ordered by the customer.
3.) Conclusion of the Contract/Right of Return
The customer will be informed about the conclusion of the contract by receiving a confirmation of order containing the effective current general terms and conditions stipulated by AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. The right of return shall apply only in case of goods having been delivered incorrectly or faulty. In case of minor differences in terms of size, weight, or color, the right of return shall be excluded.
4.) Orders are Subject to Availability
Should, after the conclusion of the contract, AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. note that the subject of the contract is no longer available, AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. will be entitled to offer a product similar in price and quality, or to withdraw from the contract altogether. Claims for damages resulting from a contract withdrawal shall be excluded.
5.) Delivery
The delivery shall be made by a freight forwarder in the form of a door delivery. Costs for packaging and transport, as well as customs' duties shall be borne by the customer and be included in the invoiced amount.
6.) Price/Due Date
Prices specified at the home page are total prices, excluding the amounts for packaging, transport, and customs’ duties. Rebates or discounts may not be granted. In the case of special orders, the prices last-mentioned in the offer shall apply.
7.) Reservation of Ownership
The goods delivered shall remain the property of AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. company until paid in full.
8.) Warranty
AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. / Ahrens Enterprise ensures that, at the time of the passing of the risk, the goods will be free from material and legal defects. Upon receipt, the customer is obligated to check the goods for deficiencies/ completeness of scope of supply as soon as possible. A possible notice of defects must have been received at AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD./ Ahrens Enterprise within two weeks after receipt of the goods. The type of necessary repairs/corrections shall be decided by Ahrens-Enterprise on a case-by-case basis.
9.) Liability
In case of a breach of contract, AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. shall be liable only for negligence or intent. Consequential damages shall be excluded from liability.
10.) Data Protection/Data Privacy
All the data required for implementation or settlement of the contract will be stored in our computer records and used only for executing the contract.
11.) Choice of Law/Jurisdiction
As for the contractual relationship between AHRENS ENTERPRISE LTD. and the customer, German law shall be applied. The place of jurisdiction shall be the location of the buyer’s place of business.