About BDT

Business Development Tokyo has been introduced in 2005 as a division
of Ahrens Enterprise Ltd.

The founder and head of BDT is also the president of Ahrens Enterprise Ltd.,
which was established in 2004.

The objectives of BDT are:

- Import to Japan:
   European companies are producing very interesting, in Japan unknown articles.
   Therefore BDT carefully observes both markets market. Having found a market niche,
   BDT will contact the makers and proposes to import to Japan.

- Export from Japan:
   On the other hand, Japanese manufacturer and handy craft companies do offer a
   wide range of typical Japanese products, unknown in Europe. The aim of BDT is to
   to make these unique products available for the European market.

- Technical Consulting:
   The cooperation between Japanese and German companies is quite difficult. Not so
   much due to problems how to understand different technology, but due to different
   culture related to communication and co-operation.
Based on:
=> 15 years experience within development and project management in Germany
=> 21 years experience within cooperation between Japanese and abroad companies
=> 21 years living within Japan

BDT believes to be a unique and capable partner to improve the co-operation special
between Japanese and German companies, to make a common project successful.